First weekend with the Midas XL8

Well after a lot of planning and prep work we made the switch from our Soundcraft Series Five analog console to the Midas XL8 digital console.  This weekend marks the first complete weekend of services on the new board and everything worked great!  The sound we’re getting is a noticeable improvement and things aren’t even 100% dialed in yet.

The virtual sound check using the DN9696 recorder really helped make this a smooth transition.  Without it this weekend’s mix would have been really rough.  Rehearsal got cancelled this week due to the worship leader getting sick.  This left us with only a sound check on Saturday before service.  Talk about hitting the ground running!  Thanks to the virtual sound checks we did ahead of time things that usually take a long time (like drums) only took a few minutes.  How cool is that!

I did some quick number crunching and I estimate that our Soundcraft Series Five got us through nearly 5,000 events and services in its 15 years of use.  That’s pretty impressive!  Hopefully our Midas XL8 will give us the same kind of performance and reliability over the next 10+ years.


The picture to the right shows head audio engineer Michael Grosso at the Midas XL8.  This was right after soundcheck and we had gone down our checklist and knew everything was working for service.  Smooth transition was our goal and that’s what we got!

We’ve still got some house cleaning to do but even still we freed up a ton of space in the booth in the process of changing things around.  Some custom length cables will help clean up the clutter and really make the booth a nice place to be.

Midas XL8 Install Time Lapse

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 9.14.55 PMSo this post combines two new things!  First, my CineMoco motorized camera track came in.  I’ll post some more on that later but I did use it to record our Midas XL8 install!

We have services in the main sanctuary on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays with rehearsals on Thursday nights.  This busy schedule meant that we had to get as much as possible done ahead of time before actually making the switch.  We did all of our patching, labeling, and wiring then recorded some services into the recorder to test and get familiar with the console.

We moved rehearsals from Thursday to Saturday to give us the most amount of time to make our swap.  All in all things went very well.  Between yesterday and today we totally dismantled the sound booth and put it back together again with the new console.  Most of the heavy lifting was done yesterday with today being line checks and starting to dial in tones.  So far all is well!  Tomorrow will be our first real rehearsal with this weekend being our first services with the XL8, exciting stuff!

I used the CineMoco and my Canon 7D to create a time lapse of the install from yesterday.  I didn’t record today because it would have just been us sitting at the console most of the time, ha ha.  Enjoy!

New Years Eve Night Of Worship 2012

IMG_5888We had a lot of fun at our New Years Eve Night of Worship this year!  Lights, haze, projection, and even some pryo all came together to create a fun atmosphere and ring in the new year.

The projection system is still kinda new so we’re experimenting with mixing the lighting and projection together.  I think we had some really cool looks where the two came together nicely.  Here are some pictures from the event to show you some of the looks from the event.