Supraflux Camera Stabilizer

supraflux-stabilizer-1-webKickstarter has been one of my favorite sites lately.  So many cool and unique products are being launched on there by smaller companies.  Products that wouldn’t have launched without the help of Kickstarter and the backers willing to fund projects.

Recently I was contacted about another great product that was just launched on Kickstarter.  The Supraflux Stabilizer is a new camera stabilizer that is very versatile and has some cool, unique, features.  This product hit it’s funding goal so it will be produced.

What stood out to me was that it can work with a wide range of cameras, from iPhones, to GoPros, to DSLRs.  It also has a custom brake allowing you to pan your shot without touching the platform.  This means that you won’t ruin your shot with shakiness when you adjust your framing.  There’s lots of other features too, it’s pretty obvious that they’ve done their homework on this one.

Check out their video for the full list of features and to see some demo footage.  If it looks like something that will help your next video production head on over to their Kickstarter page and support their product!

Supraflux Stabilizer

Update, they’ve hit their funding goal so this will go into production!  They’ve also uploaded another demo video, looks very cool.