Eikon Downtown At Club Revolution

2013-05-22-19.51.55Recently we had a pretty unique event.  Our young adult ministry, Eikon, took over a club downtown and had an outreach focused worship service.  This was at Club Revolution in downtown Fort Lauderdale and we called the event “Eikon Downtown”.

The goal was to reach out and meet people that don’t know Jesus in an environment that’s comfortable to them.  We had a DJ open the night.  Then a time of worship followed by a short teaching and alter call.  Several people came forward which was awesome!  Then we closed out the night with some more worship.  I don’t know the exact number but over 500 people showed up and it was a very cool event.

We did some prep work ahead of time and used Light Converse to help previsualize our lighting looks and plan the stage layout.  This really helped us have a plan before getting into the room.  The schedule was fairly tight so a lot of time was spent ahead of time planning and trying to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

2013-05-22-17.52.22We used the club’s lighting system which consisted of 8 Martin Mac 600 wash lights, 2 Martin strobes, and 3 Martin Mac 250’s.  We augmented the lighting with a fairly large video projection.  We brought a drop to use as a screen and made a 36′ x 9′ image using three 12,000 lumen projectors.

Lighting was controlled by an ETC ION lighting console.  Video was fed from a MacBook Pro running ProPresenter.  This controlled all of our videos and lyrics.  All of this was then controlled by another MacBook running Ableton Live.

Ableton sent out Midi commands to the ProPresenter machine to change all of the backgrounds and lyrics.  It also could have controlled lighting but we ran out of time to program cues, I had to run lights manually.  The plan was to trigger lighting cues from Ableton.

For audio we used the house Turbosound system which worked well.  We brought in a Yamaha CL3 for FOH and took care of 6, stereo, wireless IEM systems with the CL3 and an iPad running their app.  The iPad was great and allowed us to dial in mixes from stage for each person.

So far the response from this event has been very positive.  That’s a good thing, ha ha.  When you’re trying something new there’s always that chance of it falling flat.  Again we had a great response so we’ll probably do this again at some point.  If over 500 people came out on a Wednesday night then getting the club on a Friday night would be awesome!