BusyMy roll has changed a little at Calvary Chapel and I’m busier now than I’ve ever been.  Part of that busyness is my fault.  I try to hang onto things too much.  Part of the reason is that I know I can do a good job with whatever project it is.

I think that my challenge, and maybe yours too as someone involved with any leadership, is to let things go.  My problem is that I don’t let go soon enough.  I wait until I have to let go because I’m just at my limit.

This is tough for me, maybe it’s a pride issue, mostly I think it’s that I love tech and I enjoy my work.  Letting something go is letting something fun go.  I need to let it sink in that I’m giving someone else the chance to do something fun and take ownership.  I’m slowly getting there.

I bring this up as a word of caution.  Don’t let ministry burn you out, especially this time of the year.  My goal that I’m working towards is to hands things off and create some margin in my weekly schedule.  So when things break or projects pop up I have that margin in my schedule to take those things on.

I also want to get back into the creative side of tech.  Lately I think that I have gotten bogged down with the nuts and bolts side of researching and installing tech.  That’s still fun to me, but that’s not what I’m passionate about.

Especially this time of the year take that time to get refreshed and rest.  If you work in ministry like I do that can be tough.  I’ve found that you just have to be intensional and get away.  Find rest and get your mind off of the things that need to be done at least for one day.  Play video games, work out, ride a bike, sleep in, ha ha, something!

With Christmas coming up that’s hard to do I know.  I’m getting ready for an arena Christmas service the week before Christmas.  Planning audio, staging, lighting, and projection for (hopefully) 17,000+ people to attend.  Then normal weekend services followed by 5 Christmas Eve services at our main campus.  Plus a New Year’s Eve concert and back to normal services.  Things are busy, ha ha.

My challenge, maybe your’s too, is to let some things go and let others step up.  Do so in steps, you didn’t get to your position all at once and neither will anyone else.  As I have started to let things go I’ve been pleasantly surprised by people and I think you will be too.

In the end I’ll gain that margine that I need so I can step up.  At the same time others will too and more people will be able to take ownership.  That’s my goal for the next few months.  At some point I’ll follow up and let you know how it’s going!

Echo Follow Up

7846979708_6fb5b09400_zI meant to post this sooner but it slipped my mind.  Things are busy!  I just wanted to follow up on the Echo Conference I went to a little while back.

Overall I think that Echo was a very well organized conference.  Honestly I went out there without setting the bar too high in my mind.  Figured then I couldn’t be dissapointed, ha ha.  At the very least I’d get to go on a trip and see someplace new!

First of all, Watermark Community Church is an awesome place with an awesome staff.  They were a great host to this event and their facilities are amazing.  I wouldn’t have any hesitation visiting them again.

Echo turned out to be a great conference.  While it focused on the tech and creative side of church production there was still enough variety in the main sessions and breakouts to not get monotonous.  I went with a friend of mine and we split up between different breakouts and we were able to find unique and interesting things each time.

All that to say if you’re on the tech or creative side of the church and you’re looking for a little creative boost, extra knowledge, or just some networking then check out Echo.  Not that my word has any authority, ha ha.  But if you search around I’d be willing to bet that the overall response to Echo is positive and that’s it’s a worthwhile conference.