The Show 2012

Oceans Edge School of Worship puts on an event called “The Show” each year.  It’s a time for the graduating class to lead in worship and show off some original songs.

This year we planned out some extra lighting and video ahead of time and everything came together pretty well.  We had a pretty short window in the theatre to set up everything before the event so we pre-programmed most of the lighting cues ahead of time before the lighting was even set up.

To do this I used a pre-visualization program called Light Converse.  Light Converse allows you to build your room and place all of your fixtures virtually. This is great for a lot of reasons.  I go a little more in-depth about Light Converse in another post.

We used a mix of lighting for The Show.  Intelligents, LED, and conventional fixtures were used throughout the room.  This gave us a lot of variety to keep looks from getting repetitive.

In addition to the lighting we put together a few videos made especially for some of the songs. All of these elements combined for a really cool show!  One of the songs in the show was a cool instrumental electro feature which we had a lot f fun with.  I captured it with my 3D GoPro setup.  The audio isn’t great but you get the idea!

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