Video From Not So Silent Night 2013

OESlogoJust a short video showing one of the songs from Not So Silent Night.  Between the kids jumping around and the lights going crazy it was a fun song!

In some parts you can see a little bit of the projector that we put upstage shooting towards the audience.  This gave us some really cool motions kinda like a laser.  It gets washed out at some points in the video but you’ll see it.  Content was simply white motion graphics on a black background, really easy to make.

Not So Silent Night 2013

2013-12-14 21.33.01It’s that time of the year!  2013 is ending with a bang here at Calvary.  Lots of big events leading up to Christmas!

One of these December events is Oceans Edge School of Worship’s Not So Silent Night.  This is their annual Christmas concert and it’s the first big concert of the school year.  It’s the students time to apply what they have learned so far and push themselves.

For us on staff it’s a chance to try and do some new and cool things on the tech side.  We pretty much get free reign with all the toys we have at our disposal, ha ha.  This year I got to try something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time, using a projector as a moving light.

We happened to have a spare projector that’s pretty bright, 17,000 lumens!  We positioned this upstage and shot it forward over the stage and over most of the audience.  With lots of haze in the air the results were some pretty awesome beams that were very laser like if we wanted that effect.

Since it was a projector (and not a gobo in a light) we could put out any content we wanted.  Anything white on a black background looked like nice sharp beams cutting through the air.  The results were really cool and couldn’t be done with a moving light or even a laser.  It also allowed us to project words that were actually readable in the air which was really cool.

The projector provided some very high tech kinda looks.  To contrast that we used a lot more conventionals than we normally do.  We had a flown row and a ground based row of pars which we used as audience blinders.  We also had 10 lekos with gobos spread throughout the room to put out some nice, warm, beams.

Between the usual intelligents we have, the projector, and all the additional conventional lights we had lots of options.  I like to try and create variety to keep things from getting repetitive.  Even if something is only used on one song I think it’s worth the effort.

We also had fun with other effects.  Lots of haze (of course), plus low lying fog from a pair of Martin Glaciators, and confetti cannons.  Our rigging system had a lot of cues, bringing lights up and down for different looks.  Plus some different flown backdrop elements that the students created which flew in and out.

Another cool element was some “screens” made out of recycled pallet wood.  This gave a stylized look to all of the projections.  Not everything looked great on it with the texture but once we found the right content it was a cool look.  We purposely left some gaps between the panels so that a light could be put behind the screens and shine through.  this create beams through the cracks and gave us more options.

Once again we made Ableton Live our master control for all click, loop, ProPresenter lyrics, lighting, and projection.  One machine ran Ableton, another ran the two side screens with ProPresenter, a third computer ran Qlab for the stage projection that faced the audience, lastly out ETC Ion controlled lights.

A combination of MIDI notes and MIDI show control was used for all of these commands.  Some devices were hardwired and some were sent commands over our WiFi network using Apple’s built in MIDI over Ethernet.  An iPad with Qlab’s remote app was our backup control for the projector on stage.  Everything worked great!

This seems like a lot of extra work but in the end it’s actually less work.  Start one machine and several follow in perfect harmony.  It also let us hit cues that just aren’t practical when everything is human controlled.  We had lots of hits on specific notes that were hit perfectly every time with this system.

We had two sold out nights in our theatre and it was a lot of work but a lot of fun.  Now it’s time to get ready for our main Christmas outreach service in the BB&T center!  Load in starts tomorrow, I’ll be sure and post some info on that as well!

Check out Oceans Edge’s Instagram for some more pictures.  I’ll post some more pictures and videos as soon as I can.

New Years Eve Night Of Worship 2012

IMG_5888We had a lot of fun at our New Years Eve Night of Worship this year!  Lights, haze, projection, and even some pryo all came together to create a fun atmosphere and ring in the new year.

The projection system is still kinda new so we’re experimenting with mixing the lighting and projection together.  I think we had some really cool looks where the two came together nicely.  Here are some pictures from the event to show you some of the looks from the event.

Not So Silent Night 2012

IMG_1694Ocean’s Edge School of Worship is getting ready to have it’s annual Not So Silent Night Christmas show.  It’s a good time for the students and staff to push themselves to put together a great event that will be enjoyed by hundreds of people.  While the goal is a to have a great time of worship with the body we also want the students to feel the pressure of an event like this so they can learn and grow in their skills.

While getting ready for this show we came up with a cool plan for triggering lights.  Basically we’re triggering all of our lighting cues from Ableton Live using MIDI and MIDI Show Control.  So far it’s working very well for the first attempt at something of this scale.  I’ll be sure to get some video of the setup in action as well as go into some more details on how we’re making this happen.

The show is this coming Friday and Saturday in our theatre.  There’s still a lot left to do but we’re in good shape for being this far out.  For now that picture is my view of the show as we finish up lighting cues.  Always behind some kinda gadget at work, ha ha.

Night Of Worship

We just finished another great Night of Worship.  Over 3,000 people showed up to worship with us and it was awesome!  We put together a projection setup like we have done in the past and overall things worked very well.

I don’t have any shots from the event, it was too busy, but here are a couple of pictures I took during setup and testing.  Next time I’ll get some pictures during the event.

Getting Ready For Our Next Night Of Worship

We just set up some projectors for our next Night of Worship.  We rented three 12,000 lumen projectors and blended the image together resulting in about a 70′ wide by 18′ tall image.  Everything is being fed from a MacBook Pro running ProVideoPlayer using a Triple Head 2 Go.  We have 18 songs tonight, about 118 video cues in PVP.  Lighting will be fairly simple since we’re not hazing the room but will compliment the videos.

Blending the three projectors is fairly straightforward.  We’re not edge blending where the three projectors overlap a little.  I’m using the existing architecture on our back wall to try and hide the seems.  So where there’s already a break in the wall that’s where I have the projectors meet.  Simple and works pretty well.  One day when we have our permanent setup everything will be blended and keystone corrected to perfection, ha ha.

Since these are rented projectors I kinda have a checklist in my head for setting them up.  Who knows how they were used last so I have to go through each one and make sure they’re set up right.  I check for front projection mode so my image isn’t backwards.  Then I check the image settings like color and brightness.  With larger projectors they typically have multiple lamps and sometimes they’re not all on.  Maybe the last event didn’t need 100% output or a lamp could be dead.  I need everything I can get so I double check that.  A good rental company will include a spare lamp or two just in case.

Color bars are a good way to test things.  If the image is dark or the colors don’t match it’s easier to spot with color bars than your favorite motion background.  PVP has a built in color bar slide that I’ll use to check color and brightness. Once I know that the three projectors match I’ll start to blend them together.  I like to start with the middle and work my way out, then I know the image is centered and level.

PVP has a decent blend grid built in, that’s what I’ve been using.  It has vertical center and horizontal center lines, I’ll square those up with the dead center of the stage first.  Then I’ll use the center marks and grid to line up the other two projectors.

It really just takes trial and error and a little bit of time.  Most larger projectors have lens shift options which is easier than physically moving the whole projector to line up the image.  From there’s you just have to play with zoom and the legs of the projector to tilt the image if needed.

I’d say it takes about 15-30 minutes to get everything set up now that we know where to place the projectors and we rent the same ones each time.  The very first time we did this setup it was probably closer to an hour of trail and error. Once you’re all set you should have an image that looks like one large projection to the audience.

Since we don’t always have this set up I played around with a program called Aeon during a soundcheck.  It’s a pretty cool program that does live motion backgrounds that can react live to the music.  The video isn’t great since we were on the catwalk but you get the idea.  It looked pretty cool, definitely going to use this for a concert in the future.

Night of Worship

Night of Worship

We just finished up another Night of Worship at Calvary Fort Lauderdale.  It was a great time of worship with a full sanctuary!  As we have done the last couple of nights we incorporated environmental projection along with lighting to help create a worshipful mood.

Our sanctuary lighting consists of fixtures from Martin, Coemar, Wybron, and a standard collection of ETC Source 4 Pars and Ellipsoidals.  Projectors for the back wall were 12,000 lumen Christies rented from a local company.  We put together 3 projectors to create about a 75′ wide x 18′ tall image.

To control the video we used ProVideoPlayer triggered from Ableton Live so that the video clips were in time with the music.  Some videos were triggered manually as well.  Overall the night went well and all of the technology played nicely with each other.