Quick Christmas Arena Update 2013

Well, it’s been a crazy week!  Lots of long hours but the service went well and lots of people came forward to receive Jesus!  I’ll post more details later but here are a couple of pictures from the night.

In looking at the pictures I went back to my rendering in Light Converse and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the render and reality were very similar.  I added one render from Light Converse with a wide angle type view like the GoPro shots for comparison, pretty cool!

Stadium Easter Service 2013

View from FOH
View from FOH

This year marked another successful Easter service out at FAU stadium in Boca Raton.  God came through again with some awesome weather and 26,000 people showed up to celebrate with us!

Once again Special Event Services (SES) provided just about everything on the production side of things.  The stage, PA, lighting, and video truck was all provided by SES.  Having SES provide everything streamlined and simplified the planning that it takes to pull off a large scale event like this.  They’re great!

PA was highlighted by the GTO Outline line array system.  At the stage were four hangs, a main left and right plus side fill left and right.  Towards the back of the field were three small delay carts to make sure that the people 450 feet away still had clear and intelligible audio.

Amazingly the main PA hangs will reach that far no problem.  But with an outdoor event and wind that could pick up at any time and blow away the sound, we hedge our bet and put out the carts.  The end result was even coverage throughout the entire venue.

We recently installed a Midas XL8 in our main sanctuary.  Because of that SES brought out an XL8 to the stadium for us to use at front of house in place of the analog Midas they used to bring out.  We loaded up our show file from the main sanctuary and immediately we were 90% dialed in, very cool!  This really helped us get through sound check and rehearsal efficiently.

At monitors we used a Yamaha PM5D feeding 2 universes of Aviom.  One set of 16 channels for the vocals and another set of 16 channels for the band.  Since we’re running a DSP5D in the main sanctuary we were able to just drop in that show file and bring up monitor world pretty quickly.  Overall both digital consoles saved us a lot of time and allowed us to fine tune instead of starting from scratch.

Even though our Easter service was a daytime event we brought out some stage lighting.  Since the stage is covered you can see the lighting and it added some nice eye candy, especially for video.

SES brought out a pretty cool LED curtain system.  This replaced our static banner that we used in the past and allowed for some cool motion graphics during the service.  The video wall was 37′ x 16′ and pretty high res.  It was also much lighter and traveled smaller that a typical video wall.  Overall a very cool system.

That’s about it, I just wanted to share our experiences this year.  It’s nice to go to the same venue, you get to learn and improve on the event each year.  I’m sure that next year will be even better!


Easter At FAU Stadium 2013

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 7.28.12 PMIt’s crazy to think that Easter service last year was my first post on MinistryAV.com, time flies!  I’ll post up some more details later but I wanted to show the time lapse I just finished.  My friend Eric helped out and got his GoPro way up high in the stadium, made for a great shot!

This was all done with GoPro HD Hero 3’s and 2’s.  I was going to get my CineMoco set up, I even brought it to the stadium, but I just didn’t have the time to manage it.  Maybe next year.

Music in the video is original music from our Oceans Edge School of Worship, awesome stuff!

Thanks to the FAU staff that helped our service go very smoothly!  Also a special thanks to Special Event Services who once again provided all of the production elements.  They’re a truly top notch group and they make large events like this feel easy!