Element 3D After Effects Plugin

VideoCopilot has been a great resource for me to learn After Effects and start to create my own motion graphics.  They also make some great tools for compositing and motion graphics.  I like to support sites like them so I’ve purchased many of their products.  It’s not out of charity completely, they really have good stuff that improves my work.  Plus supporting them keeps the tutorials coming.

Now they’re close to releasing a new plugin called Element 3D.  This product helps bridge the gap between 3D created in a dedicated 3D app and the control of keeping everything inside of After Effects.  Plus the approach they are taking to 3D should keep things very fast when it comes time to render.

The traditional workflow would be to create a 3D object in a 3D program, render it out, then bring it into After Effects.  If  you need to tweak or adjust the 3D object you would need to go back into your 3D program, edit, render, re-import. That will still be necessary for really intense scenes but it’s a lot of extra work when you just want to create 3D text and simple shapes.  That’s where Element 3D will help bridge the gap and keep you working inside of After Effects.

It’s not out for another week, personally I can’t wait to get it and play around with 3D inside After Effects!  Price will be very reasonable, I think I heard $150, but don’t quote me on that.

Update:  They announced pricing today.  $150 for the plugin alone up to $250 for the plugin and some extra presets and models, very reasonable.  They also released a video showing off some features and the user interface, looks really good!  Check it out here.

Update 2:  More information!  It’s available tomorrow, 7/10/12.  There’s more bundles, some more tutorials, it really does look sweet!  Check out the latest update.

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