Environmental Projection Update

Hi guys, I promised some updates with our new projection setup.  I’m not ready to go in-depth on the setup yet but here are some pictures showing the 105′ wide image.  I apologize in advance for the iPhone pictures but it’s all I have handy at the moment.

We have started to use the projection during services.  Mostly with graphics that tie in our theme for the month.  Some of these pictures were from us playing around with the built in effects.  It’s pretty amazing how one video clip can turn into dozens and dozens of looks just by using the built in effects.

When I get some time I’ll go into a little more detail on how everything is set up along with a closer look at the Green Hippo media servers and their interface.

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    1. Thanks Camron! Overall everyone is pretty pleased with the setup. We just had all of our Christmas services and things went pretty well. Had EP for just about every song.

      Sometime in January we’re going to install the projectors for real, right now they’re just sitting on the catwalk. Panasonic offered to send out an guy to help which was nice of them. After that the edge blending and geometry adjustments should be perfect. Even now it’s pretty good though.

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