Renewed Vision Announces ProVideoServer

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 8.56.16 AMRenewed Vision is probably best known for ProPresenter, their church presentation software.  They also make ProVideoPlayer which is tailored a little more towards video walls and environmental projection.  Recently at NAB they announced a new product, ProVideoServer.

ProVideoServer is a software based solution that replaces an older software and hardware based solution for satellite church campuses.  Basically it provides sync’d playback of up to 4 video sources.  This allows for what most churches do for satellite campuses where there’s a center large screen and smaller sides screens.  And since there’s up to 4 channels of playback you have even more options.

You can get a little more info from Renewed Vision’s site, they have some teaser info up now.  They also showed a demo at NAB which can be seen below.  Pretty cool part is that with computers getting so powerful now you don’t necessarily need special hardware like you would even a few years ago.  In the demo he’s just using a newer MacBook Pro, very cool.

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