Ultra Wide 21:9 Panoramic Projector

A vender sent me a link to this projector and it’s a pretty cool concept.  It’s an ultra wide 21:9 format, almost equivalent to two 4:3 projectors side by side, which is 24:9 if my mixed fractions conversion is correct, ha ha.  A good point they bring up is that by the time you edge blend two 4:3 projectors by about 10% you end up at their 21:9 format.

Specs look good, higher than HD resolution, 2560 x 1080.  Says “up to 7500 lumens”, output ultimately depends on the lens used.  I’d be curious to see what the price is.  Since it’s kind of a novelty projector I kind of expect it to be expensive.  But if you’re replacing two projectors with one for a specific setup then that’s worth a little extra money.  It would just be a little hard to justify if one projector ended up costing more than two projectors.  Either way it’s always worth a look!


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