Midas XL8 Install Time Lapse

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 9.14.55 PMSo this post combines two new things!  First, my CineMoco motorized camera track came in.  I’ll post some more on that later but I did use it to record our Midas XL8 install!

We have services in the main sanctuary on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays with rehearsals on Thursday nights.  This busy schedule meant that we had to get as much as possible done ahead of time before actually making the switch.  We did all of our patching, labeling, and wiring then recorded some services into the recorder to test and get familiar with the console.

We moved rehearsals from Thursday to Saturday to give us the most amount of time to make our swap.  All in all things went very well.  Between yesterday and today we totally dismantled the sound booth and put it back together again with the new console.  Most of the heavy lifting was done yesterday with today being line checks and starting to dial in tones.  So far all is well!  Tomorrow will be our first real rehearsal with this weekend being our first services with the XL8, exciting stuff!

I used the CineMoco and my Canon 7D to create a time lapse of the install from yesterday.  I didn’t record today because it would have just been us sitting at the console most of the time, ha ha.  Enjoy!

Radian Motion Time Lapse Device

I’ve been into photography for a while now and lately motion time lapse has had my interest.  Check out Timescapes.org for some awesome examples of what I’m talking about.  Trouble is to get some of those amazing motion shoots requires motorized tracks and motorized pan/tilt heads all working together through software and it gets a little pricey.

Lately though some cool stuff is coming out to put those kinda shots into the reach of amateur guys like me.  I posted earlier about the CineMoco motorized track system.  With that you can build some great dolly movement into your shot.  Now there’s the Radian motorized pan and tilt system.

I found this on Kickstarter (my new favorite site, ha ha).  And it’s a really affordable, well thought out, pan and tilt system.  All the little details are on the Kickstarter page and their page.

Basically you can get one unit, for only $150, and that’s it, you can start to capture panning time lapse photography or video.  Spend a little more and get a second unit and now you can pan and tilt.  This modular approach allows you to just get what you want and save some cash.  Down the road if you decide to upgrade just buy another unit and put them together, pretty sweet.

A sucker for gadgets I ordered a pair with the L brackets so I can do pan and tilt movements.  Since they use standard tripod mounts I’ll be able to combine this with the CineMoco track for full pan, tilt, and dolly movement.  It’s gonna be awesome!

So that’s it, one way of getting some nice movement into your shot without breaking the bank.  I guess the only bummer is that now I have to wait for the production run.  I should have my hands on them January 2013.  My CineMoco track will ship next month so I’ll get some time to play with that before the Radians show up.  Keep an eye out for some footage!